The Websites That Offer Pittsburgh Apartment For Rent

There are websites that helped me find the best Pittsburgh Apartment for rent for me and my daughter. There were criteria that made the search easier such as the number of bedrooms, the number of bathrooms, the deposit and processing fee, the apartment’s location and the floor area. Some apartments are fully furnished but most are not. I have just had divorce and needed a home for myself and my two year old son whom I got custody of. I have been married for 6 years and this is the first time that I will be living independently. I had no idea how to start looking for an apartment that is big enough for me and my son. I also need an apartment that a single parent like me can afford.


Online Search For The Best Pittsburgh Apartment For Rent

I searched online and came across a shopping website that posted reviews about apartments in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I read about families that were very happy with their new homes and divorced people like me who found a place that helped them start their new lives. I found links that led me to websites that offer cozy apartments.  The shopping website also posted reminders about finding the best apartments. The first reminder was to check on the apartment location. I learned that finding an apartment that is near hospitals is important just in case a medical emergency happens. I read that it is also a good idea to find an apartment that is near shopping centers and malls because it will eliminate bus and cab fares as well as gas expenses. It should also be close to my work place and a possible school or day care for my son.


The Apartments And The Monthly Rent

The apartments range from $450 to $1200.  My options for the apartments for rent were two bedroom and one bathroom for $600, three bedrooms and two bathrooms with a bath tub for $850, one bedroom and one bathroom for $450, three bedrooms and one bathroom for $750, two bedrooms and one bathroom for $550, two bedrooms and two bathrooms for $600, six small bedrooms and two bathrooms for $1200, five bedrooms and three bathrooms for $950 and four bedrooms and three bathrooms for just $790.


The Best Apartment For Me And My Son

Pittsburgh Apartment For RentI have decided to get the apartment that was offered for $550. The apartment is big enough for me and my son. It has two bedrooms and one bathroom. We don’t need too many rooms and bathrooms so I decided this apartment is the best for us. I got the contact number posted on the website and made an arrangement to meet with the landlord and visit the apartment. I fell in love with our new house. It is just enough for a small family like mine. The walls were newly painted and the bedrooms are cozy. I am so happy that I can start my new life and that I did not have a hard time choosing a Pittsburgh Apartment for rent.