The Decision To Find My Own Home

I will never forget the day I decided to search for a Pittsburgh Apartment for rent. I lived with my mother and I had to move out when she got married. My dad died when I was a little kid and when my mom decided to get married, I realized that I am now ready to move out and live independently. I have turned 18 and I know I can survive a life of my own. I made a list of the things that I need to prepare and the very first one on my list is to find my own place. I lived in downtown Michigan all my life but I have relatives and good friends in Pittsburg Pennsylvania so I decided that getting an apartment near their homes will make life a little easier for me.


The Search For A Pittsburgh Apartment For Rent

I know that finding an apartment is not easy but I know it should also not be very difficult for a determined and patient person like me. I worked for a small coffee shop in Michigan and my request to move to a branch in Pennsylvania has been approved so I know I can afford a small but decent apartment. My search started with visiting different websites that show pictures, amenities and features of the apartments. Most of the apartments had one to four rooms and a number of bathrooms too. I decided a single bedroom apartment is just right for me. The websites are very user friendly and let me narrow down my search by entering important details such as my budget, the number of rooms and bathrooms, and the location.


The Factors In Choosing The Best Pittsburgh Apartment For Rent

The website also posted some important reminders on what to consider when choosing an apartment. I learned that the factors that I need to consider are:

  • The apartment’s location.
  • The monthly fees and application fee.
  • The utility bills such as water, garbage, electricity and gas.
  • The type of neighborhood.
  • The style of the house.
  • The number of bathrooms and bedrooms.
  • The apartment’s floor area.


My Final Decision

Pittsburgh Apartment For RentThese factors are very enlightening so I made a list of the things that I need to consider. First, I looked for an apartment that is accessible. I wanted to rent an apartment that is near the coffee shop that I work so I would not have to spend on transportation as I can just walk going to work. I also paid visits to the apartments so that I would know if I will be comfortable in the neighborhood. I also made a research about the average utility bills that I need to pay for every month. Last thing I did was to go to the bank and get sufficient money to pay for my new apartment. I had to prepare for an advance payment and some extra bucks for the processing fee. I also made sure I have enough money to buy some small appliances and furniture such as a small table, some chairs, a new microwave, a television set and some paintings that I can hang on the wall of my new apartment. Indeed finding a Pittsburgh Apartment for rent may sound tough, but it can also be fun and easy just by staying positive and by following some helpful tips and reminders.