Finding a Pittsburgh apartment for rent could be difficult, but with the internet these days, it could be much easier. When I need something or want to know about something, the place I usually go to first is the internet. This includes searching for apartment or room or house for rent. I’d like to share some of the techniques I learned throughout the way looking for stuff online like info on apartment rentals and even tips on how to do so efficiently.


Searching For A Good Apartment Online

1.) Decide. The first thing you need to do to be able to find an apartment space for rent conveniently is to decide what kind of apartment you would be looking for. Make a list of the important things you’re looking for in a good rental apartment – like the ideal number of bedrooms and bathrooms, laundry features, outdoor space, price tag, and of course, location.


The Best Location For A Pittsburgh Apartment For Rent

When it comes to apartments for rent, one of the most important things to consider is the location. After all, you’re moving to a new place to live in for convenience! The apartment needs to be in close proximity to the grocery or shopping mall, school or office, as well as entertainment hubs like cinemas or restaurants (of course according to your preference.) Some people too would prefer finding one near a park where he can jog or take out his dog for a walk.

2.)  Determine your budget. You wouldn’t just rent an apartment you can’t afford! So, you need to calculate your budget. Know how much you would be able to spend each month on your apartment’s rent. You will also need to set a budget for the utility bills like water and electricity. Some apartment rentals would already include these in the rent but others would allow you to set up your own account with the water and/or electric company so you can pay them separately. This last option would be a wise choice especially if you want to be able to save some money.

3.) Search online. Now you can start searching for your dream apartment. The best places to look for online are national websites where you can customize your search in finding the best local apartments. You can find lots of information on these sites especially when it comes to the apartments’ nearby places. You can check the local listings on or other similar community sites.


Using Craiglist To Find A Pittsburgh Apartment For Rent

Simply visit then choose among the list of states or cities located on the right side of the page. Next, look for the Housing tab. Click on Apartments/Housing. Note: Beware of bogus ads.

4.) Also check out different apartment websites like, Apartment Guide, or Doing this will help you make comparisons among several different apartments available.

5.) Visit the local newspaper’s website. Most community and local newspapers now have a website. You can check out their classifieds section online.

6.) Last but not the least, check out the websites of popular realtors or real estate agents like Coldwell Banker or Century 21. They often maintain a list of house or apartment for-rents as well as for-sales.


Important Tip:

Pittsburgh Apartment For RentBefore you sign a Pittsburgh Apartment for Rent agreement, it is advisable that you take a tour of your chosen apartment first because often, apartment pictures posted online aren’t very accurate.