Finding The Best Pittsburgh Apartment For Rent

Finding the best Pittsburgh Apartment for rent was a challenge as it was my first time to move out and find a place I can call my own. To be honest, I was scared, excited and confused all at the same time. I wanted to find a lovely place I can call home yet there’s just too many choices that I was scared I might get the wrong one or I’d find myself stuck in an apartment that I am not comfortable in. The first step I did was to ask around. After deciding that I am old enough to move out and live on my own, I hopped in my mother’s car and drove around the city hoping I’d find an apartment that I would fall in love with at first sight.


The First Attempt To Find My New Home

I was a bit frustrated but my determination to live independently and obtain the freedom I have been wanting since third grade gave me hope that I will find my new home in no time. The next thing I did was to ask friends and family members for their recommendations. This is a great idea but I realized that my relatives, friends and I may not exactly have the same taste when it comes to finding the dream home or at least an ideal apartment so I had to move on to my third option.


My List

There are many apartments for rent that are affordable and comfortable. These apartments come in different sizes, number of rooms and style. I made a list of the things that I want in an apartment. My list included one bedroom, a comfortable living room, a neat kitchen with cupboard and a nice and clean bathroom with a bath tub, toilet and shower. A heater is important but if my dream apartment does not have it then I can just purchase a detachable heater. I also listed the amount of rent that I can afford. I had to make a list of all my expenses and my regular income to be able to know how much I could afford for my new home.


My Second Attempt To Find The Best Pittsburgh Apartment For Rent

Pittsburgh Apartment For RentMy second attempt was most successful. I realized finding an apartment where I will rest, eat, sleep and spend most of my time in must be done carefully and intelligently. It is way far different from shopping for my bag or clothes. This is going to be my home for quite some time and it better be good. I decided that I have to make sure that I know what I’m looking for in a home. I also need to know how much I can afford. The location and size of the apartment are also important in finding the best apartment for me. I have made several successful purchases on the internet and I decided I will visit websites that offer apartments in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The websites offered pictures and important information such as the monthly rent, the apartment features and what I can expect to see in the neighborhood. I am so thankful that I did the right thing as the websites led me to finding the best Pittsburgh Apartment for rent.